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Developed to work in combination with the crown cap to guarantee the mechanical sealing against pressure and facilitate disgorgement

Made from virgin PVC-free polyethylene and produced under 26mm, 29mm and large 36mm to fit any crown cap. A video camera allows to simultaneously check its diameter, height and thickness while discarding non-compliant products. These bidules are 100% recyclable. 

PE.DI expertise

Recommended for the following markets:

Sparkling winesSparkling wines

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  • Made of virgin PVC-free polyethylene 
  • Different dimensions: Ø26mm, Ø29mm and Ø36mm
  • Possibility to produce bidules incorporated into crown caps


  • 100% recyclable 

Complementary products

Crown cap


Designed for the second fermentation of traditional method sparkling wines, as well as high-end beverages such as craft beers, wines, water, and soft drinks 

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