Champagne Camille Bonville

Sparlux Foil & Peel to Reveal Personnalized message inside of the easy opening

Champagne Franck Bonville

Art & Craft Wirehood

Champagne Haumont & Fils

Packaging created in our Creative Atelier in Dizy, France. The box, label, Sparlux sparkling foil and neck label

Champagne Jacques Picard

Sparlux Foil Hotstamped logo on top

Champagne Leriche Tournan

Art & Craft Wirehood

Champagne Michel Fagot

Art & Craft Wirehood

Champagne Paul Michel

Sparlux foil Hotstamped personalisation on the top

Cognac Chemsau V.S.O.P. - FRANCE

TINLUX capsule

Mars Maltage "Cosmo"

TINLUX capsule

Neuter, no brand

T-Decanter with golden top version


Sparlux Foil Personalised embossing

Pazo Rubianes

TINLUX capsule

Poulpe bleu

TINLUX capsule


T-Wood with laser customisation on top (Beech wood).

Vardon Kennett

Sparlux foil Personalised embossing and hotstamped name

Wein- und Sektgut Barth

Sparlux Foil Shiny black hotstamping and gold hotstamping within the medaillon

Whispering Angel

TINLUX capsule