As a market leader, we are a trendsetter. This is why our teams are constantly questioning our processes and methodologies in order to optimise them and seek efficiency and effectiveness down to the smallest detail. This focus on detail also enables us to develop new products and environment-oriented technologies, so that we can always be one step ahead and anticipate our customers’ needs.

LatestFoils innovations

The new products and finishes that we develop and propose to our customers each respond to specific needs in terms of:

  • Premiumisation in order to accompany your brand on the enhancement path.
  • Customisation in order to express your own personality through your product and stand out from the competition.
  • Technicality in order to provide a solution to the problems you may encounter.
Sparlux Art & Craft



Embossed with a very fine reliefs, the head of the Art & Craft SPARLUX foil reveals the attention the brand pays to the very slightest detail and tells all the rigor and savoir faire the producer puts during each step of its production process

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Curved Hot Stamping


Inspired by goldsmith techniques, curved hot stamping brings luxury and refinement by the brilliance of hot film together with the unique great precision relief. Offering a unique element for premiumization, a perfect match with the high-end Sparlux foils.

Peel to reveal



Made with digital printing or hot stamping, « the Peel to Reveal » finish extend the consumer experience by inscribing personalized content (text, photo, image…) inside the foil. Surprise effect guaranteed at the opening.

EXTRAFIT Technology



This innovative and safety solution consists in the perfect adhesion of the foil to the bottle neck, excluding the use of adhesives on the bottling line. A varnish is deposited inside the foil with properties of gluing on the glass. This bonding is activated in the presence of humidity brought by the ambient air (condensation on the bottle) or by water vaporization on the neck of the bottle. For an elegant bottle neck without unsightly folds.

R-Derma Foil


R-Derma, endless Renaissance!
With R-derma® you move towards a low environmental impact and a second life for waste. It consists of 60% recycled material within the polyethylene layer.

Available for: Premium sparkling foil & Elite capsule

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Art Craft Wirehood


The Art & Craft Wirehood is a creative and tailor-made response to the expectations of producers in their pursuit of perfection. It is the result of an exclusive and avant-garde technique that enhances our expertise.

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We also design solutions which enhance the consumer experience and make our life easier. With this in mind, we have created an easy opening technologies for still wines and spirits: SOFT PERFORATION. We are also very involved in sustainable development. That’s why we have developed 2 new green technologies : PET+ and R-DERMA.

Tempo Capsule


Our latest innovation is the TEMPO CAPSULE. A unique tin capsule, created and designed to dress high-end wines. the particularity of this capsule is a totally irregular shape on its base that simulates the visual effect of wax, but manages to maintain an easy and effective application on the bottling line. Tempo is a 100% recyclable pure tin capsule decorated with water-based inks for decorations.

One of the differential points of this new product is that no two capsules are alike, each capsule has a completely unique shape. In the same way, the Tempo capsule will make the packaging of each bottle of wine unique.

Soft perforation


Designed for polylaminate capsules only, this easy-opening system integrates perfectly with the design of the capsule thanks to the fine perforation of the opening tab. Almost invisible, this solution allows a clean and precise cut while preserving the overall aesthetics of the capsule.

PET+ capsules – Green Tech


Made from 35% recycled post-industrial waste, PET+ material offers great freedom of customization and freedom of customization and high quality performance, while limiting the use of new resources. resources. Again, a creative and elegant gesture for the environment.

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Combining desirability with sustainability: one of the Crealis Group’s primary missions. To achieve this, we mainly focus our R&D investment on sustainability. We are constantly working to develop new technologies that are more respectful of the environment and in line with the philosophy and values of our customers. One of our latest innovations: the T-KOMPOST. A product inspired by the circular economy. 



Experience the limitless potential of a single masterpiece: With T-Monobloc cork by Supercap. Dive into a world of endless possibilities, where colors, shapes, wood varieties, and designs are at your creative

With T-Monobloc Cork, you have the canvas to craft the perfect closure that blends elegance and personality.



Introducing T-Suber: Elevate Your Spirits Experience by Supercap. A two-pieces marvel made entirely of 100% pure cork. Crafted for the discerning spirits market, T-Suber embodies sustainability and tradition in every pour.

Did you know? T-Suber, derived from “suber”, Latin for cork, is the future of bar top stoppers.

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T-Glass: where Elegance Meets Transparency by Supercap. Meet T-Glass, a unique T-shaped stopper with a transparent glass head. The perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, designed to enhance your spirit’s experience.

Enhance your presentation with T-Glass, where metallic or Pantone-colored labels on the top and stem options in white or black are at your disposal. This innovation offers exclusivity and limitless customization possibilities.

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You are concerned about environmental issues and you looking to reduce your ecological impact from the vine to the packaging?  

Find out more about our CSR approach and our green products

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