OurR&D commitment

Research & DevelopmentAS PART OF OUR DNA

In the global context of increased competition, research and development appears today as a major growth lever and an asset of excellence to develop innovative tailor-made solutions. 

Thanks to strong investments made in R&D, Crealis has developed an active innovation strategy to design new products, develop new technologies and improve manufacturing processes, while respecting the highest quality standards required. 

As a market leader, we are a trendsetter. This is why our teams are constantly questioning our processes and methodologies in order to optimize them and seek efficiency and effectiveness down to the smallest detail. This focus on detail also enables us to develop new products and environment-oriented technologies, so that we can always be one step ahead and anticipate our customers’ needs.


A dedicated team

A strong expertise in the industry

Autonomy thanks to the upstream integration relating to Complex

Partnership with design agencies & key raw material suppliers


As part of our participation in SIMEI 2022, our two new green technologies, R-DERMA and PET+, both won the Green Innovation Award. Further proof of our commitment to sustainability. 

In this way, we ensure that at all stages of our development processes, this principle guides the efforts of our expert communities to continuously reduce, reuse and recycle all our resources.


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