Our customers are our best ambassadors. Discover through their testimonies the reasons why they decided to trust us by choosing Crealis’ closure solutions.



“The packaging of our bottles was crucial to reflect the innovative side of English bubbles. There’s a perceived value with English sparkling wine and of course that foil color, texture and finish is really important. Especially with this wonderful innovation within inside the foil of the peel and reveal, giving our customers a glimpse of our beautiful 60 acre vineyard.”

Norbert & Birgit SzigetiOwners of the A-Nobis estate

(Burgenland, Austria)

“Wine enthusiasts couple Norbert & Birgit Szigeti welcome us to their cellar and explain why they chose the SPARLUX foil to dress their cuvée. “The high-quality Sparlux champagne foils with Absolute Green Line Technology®, a combination of bio-based polyethylene from sugarcane (PE) and water-based inks, convinced us.”

Jean-Baptiste BourotteCo-owner of Château Bonalgue

(Bordeaux, France)

“All year long, we work in the vineyard and in the cellars, to produce a wine that is a combination of details. So we must go to the end and the end, for the consumer, is the label, the shape of the bottle and the cap. For the 2020 vintage, I wanted the capsule to show the sense of detail that we have in our way of making wines.”

Corentin & Océane ProphèteOwners of the Champagne house "Prophète & CO"

(Champagne, France)

“We have created our brand, taking in consideration the new generation. For this reason, we have chosen a packaging and SPARLUX foil that is modern, refined and COlored with the aim of being easily recognizable and to create the desire to taste our bottles. The digital printing technology allowed us to integrate a colored necklabel.”

Eduardo Ferrín General Manager at Aalto Wineries and Vineyards

(Ribera del Duero, Spain)

“For us, the capsule is a fundamental element, just like the label, just like the packaging that composes the whole product. The capsule conveys part of our personality.”

Romain ColletOwner of Domaine Jean Collet & Fils

(Chablis, France)

“With the support of Rivercap, the idea was to revive the unity of the bottle’s packaging. The aesthetics of the capsule for the end consumer is important.”

Sonia Herrero MartínQuality and Purchasing Manager at Bodegas Arzuaga Navarro

(Ribera del Duero, Spain)

“It seems to us that the capsule plays a very important role in terms of hygiene for the bottle. In the end it protects the cork which will be in direct contact with the wine.”

Adriana LauciricaTechnical Director at Tobelos Bodegas y Viñedos

(La Rioja, Spain)

“Capsule, label, bottle must be in conjunction with what goes inside the bottle. Indeed, the capsule preserves the authenticity of our cuvée. We actually batch a capsule and then we know that our wine is authentic.”

François Combard Co-Owner of Domaine Figuière

(Provence, France)

“The capsule is an element that allows us to communicate, since we are very present in the HORECA channel, especially in the catering industry. And so often in a restaurant, the only visible part of a bottle which is put in a bucket is the capsule. It is a communication space available on a bottle and which is interesting to exploit.”



Crystal Head Vodka

“The challenge of designing an aggressive and eye-catching closure that would evoke the bright reflections of glass and seal the bottle making the packaging authentic, unique and inimitable.”


Acetaia Giusti

“The balsamic vinegar pourer designed for everyday use, which can preserve the aroma of the product and make the convivial act of pouring simple.”



“More than just a closure, but a precious solution custom-sewn, detail by detail, to dress up the sinuosity of the bottle and preserve its heady fragrance.”

ELITE capsula

Cantine 4 Valli

"The capsule is a key element in building the product's image. It is not just an 'extra' but an integral part of the elements that make the product distinguishable and recognizable, it gives the possibility to further personalize the bottle."

Premium capsuloni


"It is the details that make the difference, and in the world of wine, the capsule is one of those details that matters. The closure becomes a strategic asset to enhance and bring out the contents of the bottle, even before you open it."

ELITE capsule

Glan Grant

"The Glen Grant has embarked on a journey to re-establish itself as a premium single malt scotch. We found inspiration in modern Victorian elegance, and through the various packaging elements including the capsule, we communicate our history and heritage."

PET+ capsule


"We have at least 7 million reasons to choose Enoplastic for our products, more than half of which are packaged with these capsules aimed at giving the finishing touch to our productions, as they can safely seal our best extra virgin and specialty oils."

ELITE capsula


"The capsule is a real guarantee seal that ensures the authenticity of the product, guaranteeing that the bottle has never been opened or tampered with. In addition, the capsule is also a hygiene tool that protects the cork and mouthpiece from contamination."

PREMIUM capsuloni - Glitter


"Delicate research and attention to detail has been applied to the choice of packaging: the foil, with an all-glitter look, allows us to give even more light to the bottle glass and the wine."

PVC capsula


"For Carapelli products, the capsule plays both a functional and image role.
First of all, it represents a fundamental security seal of non-breaking of the product.
In addition, it has a specific functionality that makes it not an "over" packaging but an integral part of the package."

PVC capsula

Mazzetti L'Originale - Gruppo Acetum

"For this premium product, the capsule plays a very important role within the packaging as it allowed us to further emphasize the brand assets."

Crown cap


"The crown cap for second fermentation of classic method wine is essential for maintaining effervescence and preventing oxidation. It provides an airtight seal, pressure resistance and a distinctive appearance."



"The Pedistrip is a tamper-resistant closure that protects the product from alteration or manipulation, helping to preserve the integrity of the product and the reputation of the brand."


Solan Decabra

"In addition to providing security, Pedistrip gives unique, elegant packaging with endless customization possibilities."

Eduardo Ruiz Grupo Faustino

"The capsule is a fundamental element in the packaging of our wines. It is a guarantee of hygiene and safety; an additional protection that should not be overlooked, because it acts as a guardian, ensuring that no one alters the quality of our wines. But the capsule is also an element of differentiation when it comes to working on the image we want to convey to consumers (...)."

Pedro Llanas Borsao

"Capsule, label and bottle are three indivisible elements in the creation of a wine's image. Each of them contributes its own stamp and distinction to the image perceived by the consumer. Not to mention that it conveys the guarantee that the product has not been altered and that the cork has been protected."

Raquel Fontecha Olarra

"The capsule reinforces the image of the wine and gives us unlimited possibilities for customization, making it a unique product."

ELITE Capsule

Russian River Vineyards

"I've been working with Maverick Enterprises for the past eight years and in that time they continue to impress me. The staff are so professional and attentive, they go out of their way to make sure all of their customers are 100% satisfied. I look forward to continuing my business with them for years to come!"
Giovanni Balistreri, Winemaker & Founding Partner

ELITE Capsule

Shannon Ridge Wines

"Maverick is a valuable packaging partner. Their quality is consistent, and their local manufacturing and commitment to sustainability reduces the emissions created in transportation and production of their capsules, supporting our mission to create the highest quality, most environmentally responsible wines in the industry.”
Ben Neyman, Production & Procurement Manager Shannon Family of Wines

EITE Capsule

Duckhorn Wines

"Maverick has been a great local partner, providing our capsules for many years. They have consistent quality and excellent customer service. These capsules are a beautiful extension of our branding and lend added protection to our wines."
Dana Eperson, Decoy Winemaker