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Elite capsule


An alliance of character 

Elite polylaminated capsule are made in two pieces and offer many decorative and innovative possibilities.
They are fully customizable and allow an easy application on any type of bottle. With unlimited colors, shades and many nishing possibilities, the Elite capsules bring character to your bottle. 

Enoplastic, Rivercap, Maverick expertise

Recommended for the following markets:

Still winesStill wines
Olive oil & vinegarsOlive oil & vinegars

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  • Made in two pieces 
  • Adaptable to any type of bottle 


  • 100% customizable 
  • Multiple decorative possibilities 
  • Rotogravure and hot stamping techniques 


  • R-derma® available: innovative and environmentally friendly material
  • Absolute Green Line available: bio-based polyethylene & acrylic inks

More about R-Derma   More about Absolute Green Line


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Consistent and safe closure to preserve the original taste and flavor of wines and spirits.

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