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Colors, shapes, wood varieties and design for the perfectly fitting closure

The right balance between elegance and personality. Many options and solutions available to find the perfectly fitting closure for every product, combined with quality and safety. 

The T-Bar closure collection comprises 

  • T-Wood: The classic nishing for a timeless style 
  • T-Wild: Each product is a wild masterpiece 
  • T-Plast: The perfect balance between versatility and innovation
  • T-Aluminum: Accuracy and distinctiveness are in the details
  • T-Monobloc: Versatile, stylish and reliable 
  • T-Decanter: Designed for an impressive packaging 

Supercap expertise

Recommended for the following markets:

Room FragrancesRoom Fragrances

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  • Versatile and adaptable closures 
  • Quality and safety solutions 


  • Highly customizable
  • Different materials and decorations available 


Complementary products



Developed from ingots of the highest purity, tin capsules created in a single piece are synonymous with attention to detail and the search for perfection

Alu-one capsule


Aluminum capsules are made in one piece, with the same decoration process as the Tin capsules (spray for the base and silkscreen for decorations).

Elite capsule


Elite polylaminated capsule are made in two pieces and offers many decorative and innovative possibilities.

Termo PVC Capsule


Quality and convenient heat shrinking capsules made to protect the cork, seal the closure and bolster the brand image.

Termo PET capsule


Eco-friendly and superior sustainable heat shrining capsules made to respect the environment, by closing and decorating the bottles.

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