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Technical cork


Technology and tradition in one product

Consistent and safe closure to preserve the original taste and flavor of wines and spirits. The extruded synthetic corks guarantee the control of the oxygen and are TCA taint-free. Based on the characteristics of the wine, several models are available offering different levels of permeability and assorted dimensions. 

ENOPLASTIC expertise

Recommended for the following markets:

Still winesStill wines

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  • Mold-resistant, elastic and compact 
  • Consistent O2 management 


  • Attractive look and feel
  • Customiable in design and colors


  • 100% recyclable


Complementary products

Alu-one capsule


Aluminum capsules are made in one piece, with the same decoration process as the Tin capsules (spray for the base and silkscreen for decorations).

Elite capsule


Elite polylaminated capsule are made in two pieces and offers many decorative and innovative possibilities.

Termo PVC Capsule


Quality and convenient heat shrinking capsules made to protect the cork, seal the closure and bolster the brand image.

Termo PET capsule


Eco-friendly and superior sustainable heat shrining capsules made to respect the environment, by closing and decorating the bottles.



Developed from ingots of the highest purity, tin capsules created in a single piece are synonymous with attention to detail and the search for perfection

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