More than just a name, Crealis is a family which embodies the group’s avant-garde character, ambition, passion and strengths of our 8 unique brands. To be bigger, it is for us to be better.

unique DNA
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About enoplastic

Founded in 1957 in Bodio Lomnago (Varese, northern Italy), Enoplastic is a world leader in the manufacture of overcapping for the Wine and Spirits industry, benefiting from strategic partnerships in the supply chain. Enoplastic represents Italian excellence and creativity in the overcapping industry with the continuous search for a tailor-made product.

About Sparflex
Created in 1984 in Epernay, the heart of the Champagne, SPARFLEX is the leading partner in the creation of premium and ultra-premium packaging for champagnes, sparkling wines. Sparflex designs and produces tailor- made sparkling foils,  that contribute to the experience and image of brands and champagne houses.

About le Muselet Valentin

The only French manufacturer of wirehoods with a unique expertise for the manufacture of haute couture wirehoods: ART & CRAFT WIREHOOD. Recognition of its industrial and artisanal expertise in 2012 with the government label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company).

About Rivercap

Created in 1990 in La Rioja (Spain), Rivercap is the leader of the Spanish capsules market, with a specialty recognized worldwide: ALU-ONE and TINLUX capsules, whose know-how is applied to ELITE capsules. Very strong anchorage in Spain with an image of high quality, proximity to customers and flexibility.

About Maverick

Founded in 1992 in California, Maverick is the most well-known wine capsule manufacturing company in North America, providing a customized, high-grade solution to the capsule needs of a wide range of companies in the wine, spirits and artisanal food industries: PVC, Polylaminate, Tin capsules and screwcaps.

About PE.DI

Pe.Di has been operating in the bottling closure sector since 1982, with particular attention to the high quality products used for secondary fermentation in the bottle. Two production sites: one in Italy (Ivrea, Turin region) and one in France (Pierry, Champagne region)

About Supercap

SUPERCAP was founded in 1999 by Mr. Mirco BANNINI and is headquartered in Mombaroccio (Province of Pesaro) in Italy. Brand specialize in the design and marketing of innovative and high-end t-bar top closures.

About Corchomex

CORCHOMEX was created in 2001 by the brothers Gerardo & Ivan STOBSCHINSKI, in Guadalajara, Mexico. Brand specialize in the design and marketing of innovative and high-end t-bar top closures.