Maverick Enterprise is the american market leader which produces capsules and alternative closures for the wine, distilled spirits, and specialty food and beverage industries.  Maverick’s manufacturing process is fully vertically integrated, printing, forming and shipping all of our capsules at our facility and work hard to provide the best products and customer service in the industry.

Since our foundation in 1992, Maverick has grown to service not only Northern California Wineries, but customers all across the US, Canada, Mexico and areas of South America and Australia.


Maverick Enterprise provides color matching, award-winning rotogravure printing, and innovative capsule manufacturing in tin, screw cap, termo as well as sparkling foils. We know that appropriate wine bottle capsules and champagne foils not only help your product stay in top condition, but a strong wine bottle packaging helps to showcase your product beautifully. When you’re ready to make an impact with your bottles, turn to an experienced business, like Maverick, that’s dedicated to providing high-grade, customized solutions for all of our customers

Products Maverick



Developed from ingots of the highest purity, tin capsules created in a single piece are synonymous with attention to detail and the search for perfection

Screw cap


Unparalleled aluminum screw caps wines for ensure the quality, safety and freshness of each bottle.

Termo PET capsule


Eco-friendly and superior sustainable heat shrining capsules made to respect the environment, by closing and decorating the bottles.

Termo PVC Capsule


Quality and convenient heat shrinking capsules made to protect the cork, seal the closure and bolster the brand image.

Premium sparkling foil


With many decorative details, standard or customized colored premium sparkling foils offer a possibility to enhance the value of your product. Available in every possible format and light-weight thicknesses. 

Sparlux Foil


The Sparlux sparkling foils are exclusive foils without creases on the top, due to the moulded aluminum top.



Unique and tailored wirehoods for sparkling wines, beers and ciders.

Art & Craft Wirehood


Art & Craft wirehoods are fully customizable products in terms of dimensions and designs.

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