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Crown cap


Designed for the second fermentation of traditional method sparkling wines, as well as high-end beverages such as craft beers, wines, water, and soft drinks 

Crown caps offer the experienced winemaker a valuable tool to calibrate oxygen entry during bottle ageing, an essential tool to achieve excellence. A wide range of products are available in compliance with the high-end quality guidelines issued by the Cetie, the International Technical Centre for Bottling. 

PE.DI expertise

Recommended for the following markets:

Sparkling winesSparkling wines
Beers & cidersBeers & ciders

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  • Variety of technical solutions for different ageing periods (material, liners, dimensions and more) 
  • Option to produce crown caps with bidules incorporated 
  • Compliant with the Champagne Committee regulations 


  • Decoration series to differentiate productions 
  • Decoration 100% customizable with different printing methods 
  • Production based in the Champagne area and Italy 


Complementary products



Developed to work in combination with the crown cap to guarantee the mechanical sealing against pressure and facilitate disgorgement

Sparlux Foil


The Sparlux sparkling foils are exclusive foils without creases on the top, due to the moulded aluminum top.

Art & Craft Wirehood


Art & Craft wirehoods are fully customizable products in terms of dimensions and designs.

Premium sparkling foil


With many decorative details, standard or customized colored premium sparkling foils offer a possibility to enhance the value of your product. Available in every possible format and light-weight thicknesses. 



Unique and tailored wirehoods for sparkling wines, beers and ciders.

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