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Sparlux Foil


The Sparlux sparkling foils are exclusive foils without creases on the top, due to the moulded aluminum top. Sparlux foils convey the code of luxury with numerous personalization possibilities and different thicknesses. Sparlux sparkling foils are made with the Absolute Green Line Technology, meaning that they are produced with bio-based polyethylene made from sugar cane and water-based inks*. These renewable resources replace oil and solvents used for standard foils. The sustainable impact is that we can reduce the carbon footprint of foils with 21% compared to a standard foil.

Sparflex expertise

Recommended for the following markets:

Sparkling winesSparkling wines
Beers & cidersBeers & ciders
Waters & BeveragesWaters & Beverages

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  • Moulded aluminum, flat or round top
  • Different thicknesses available, accentuate the quality perception
  • Easy to open, thanks to the specific sommelier tear tab and perforations available


  • Numerous personalization possibilities, using digital, hot stamping or rotogravure impression
  • Impressive embossing options possible on top and skirt, blind embossing, ink embossing, curved hot stamping on skirt, Art & Craft embossing on top
  • Wide range of medallions and pebblings
  • Peel to reveal printing


  • 100% Absolute Green Line: bio-based polyethylene & acrylic inks

More about Absolute Green Line

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